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Gas Alarm JT-KBC2

  • Model Number: JT-KBC2
  • Product Name: Gas Alarm
  • Target Gas: Natural Gas
  • Gas Sampling:Natural diffusion
  • Detecting Range: 0~100% LEL
  • Presetting Alarm Level:7% LEL±3%
  • Warm-up Time:180s
  • Sensor Type:Semiconductor
  • Lifespan:5 years
  • Working Voltage:5±0.1V
  • Alarm Method:Visual & audible
  • Alarm Volume:≥70dB
  • Net Weight:71g
  • Dimension:φ86mmXH29mm
  • Working Environment:Temperature: 0 ~ 40 ℃,Humidity: <95%RH (No frost)
  • Overview
The standalone combustible gas detector JTKBC2 with a measuring range of 0~100% LEL is an intelligent monitoring device for natural gas and petroleum liquefied gas. When the monitored gas concentration reaches a dangerous value, an alarm sound and a red warning signal will be issued. The gas leakage information is timely, promptely sent out.